Velos UAV Helicopter



Please contact us to book a demo where you can see VELOS UAV in action. We will run different mission scenarios, use auto pilot and different flight modes and explain the ground station and the tailor made software for helicopters. There are no charges for demo in our premises.



We are able to perform a detailed training including the following parts:

  • Introduction to UAV – helicopter parts
  • Autopilot and flight modes
  • Ground control station overview
  • Mission planning and simulation
  • Take-off and Landing practice
  • Flight practice
  • Mission scenarios and exercises
  • Maintenance procedures and practice
  • Final exam
  • Certification



Velos UAV is an extremely low maintenance helicopter. The simplicity of the twin electric power train requires replacing only a few ball bearings and two belts every about 80 – 100 hours but that can easily verified with a simple inspection. Nothing like the gas powered UAVs.

There is a special training session for maintenance procedures, inspection and parts replacement



We offer extended support providing manuals, 24/7 calls, video calls, and online review of flight parameters and data to ensure flawless operation of our UAVs