Velos UAV Helicopter

a PROFESSIONAL UAV helicopter that is simple to fly in bad weather conditions, with more flight time and payload capacity than any Multicopter in the same class

Contact us now at news@velosrotors.com to find all product information and get your helicopter in 45 days!

Fully redundant design with two motors and double major components makes it safer than all electric and gasoline helicopters to add your expensive equipmenT

Velos can fly with major failures such as motor failure, broken belt, gear one-way bearing failure, burned ESC, battery failure, BEC failure, servo failure

Velos has the ability to add Payload Over the Rotor including, sensors, 360 panoramic view cameras and ballistic parachute that makes it even safer

Fast delivery of a COMPLETE READY TO FLY UAS in 45 days!!!

The third version of the successful Velos UAV is commercially available and brought many improvements. Those include a next-generation lightweight carbon fiber skid pads that allow to carry larger payloads; new firmware and new software that provide VelosV3 many new features and capabilities. Of course, all the unique advantages of the Velos Rotors design, such as the fully redundant twin motor design, are there as well. Find more info in www.velosuav.com