Velos UAV Helicopter

Velos POR [Payload Over the Rotor]

VelosV3 POR is the VELOSV3 UAV with Payload adjusted Over the Rotor. Different Payload can be added such as lights, gimbals, cameras, thermal cameras, LIDARs, antennas, different sensors, and ballistic parachute (see below).

As the point over the rotor is on the center of gravity axis the helicopter balance and all flight parameters are not affected with the additional weight.

Furthermore, the clear 360 view and sky views allow different operations, such as a 360 panoramic view camera, dual camera (one upward facing above and one downward facing below the helicopter main body) allowing the helicopter to perform detailed inspections in difficult areas (e.g. below a bridge, in complex constructions, etc..), or filming difficult movie scenes.

There is no limit on what to add over the main rotor taking into account helicopter dimensions and maximum weight allowed.

Ballistic Parachute

A ballistic parachute can be added over the rotor. The launch of the parachute is immediate (can be released in 0.5 sec from 8m height and above) and allows the helicopter to land with a low speed (12-16 km/h), resulting to minor helicopter damage.

The position of the ballistic parachute over the rotor is the only place that guarantees the full opening of the parachute (surface of 7 sq. meters to allow safe landing of 20-35 kg) and a normal landing comparing to other parachute positions that lead to landing with the front part of the helicopter resulting to major damages of the helicopter and added equipment.